All your lease management and accounting standards compliance needs in one easy to use platform. REAP+ is a full-featured software for office and retail occupiers with multi-currency capabilities, and can handle both real estate and equipment leases. Get all these benefits with no-hassle pricing and low implementation cost. And REAP+ is fully FAS and IFRS compliant and provides the full range of ASC 842 reports.

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Lease Abstraction

We know what you need, so you can kick-off a project immediately and see your first abstract in just a couple of days. The speed with which we launch projects and the depth of work we can do is unparalleled.

Lease Administration

Never worry about outdated information again. We update your data continuously and completely, ensuring consistency while providing the fastest turnaround in the CRE industry.

Finance & Accounting

Lift the burden of back office operations off your team members. We take care of all your accounting with our dedicated and knowledgeable team, so you can meet your KPIs with ease.

CRE Consulting

Alleviate anxiety over deadlines and cost overruns. We provide CRE implementations, on time and within budget.

Due Diligence

We empower your analysts to close transactions faster. By leveraging technology to do everything from abstracting leases to creating valuation models, we help you win your bids.

Capital Market Services

Expertise to support all type of debt and capital markets clients.

NTrust Brand Pillars

At NTrust, we abide by four principles that guide every decision we make.

We will help you succeed.

Quality Focused

Our commitment to quality sets us apart. We’ve built in evaluation, feedback, and refinement into every delivery process to ensure we are constantly improving. Through our analytics, quality metrics are transparent so you can have confidence in how we deliver.

Technology Driven

We stay ahead of the curve to deliver creative solutions for an ever-changing industry. From robotic programmable assistants to Artificial Intelligence, our services will save you time and money through automation and innovation. We have the most robust NLP based tools in the CRE industry, and currently we are working on incorporating Blockchain technology.

CRE Experienced

For over 20 years, we’ve focused on providing the best services in the CRE industry. We work closely with owners, occupiers, investors, and lenders to understand a variety of perspectives and needs. Our singular focus and passion for the CRE space makes us uniquely qualified, and inspires trust in our customers.

Client Centric

We put our clients' needs at the center of everything we do. We propose tailor made solutions for your distinct requirements. Additionally, we provide previews of our solution at our cost, in order to minimize your risk and ensure a positive experience. This is why clients consistently refer to NTrust as a true partner.

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