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CRE 3 technologies

Working as a successful CRE broker is a tough job. With the long hours, a multitude of clients, and endless paperwork; there’s hardly enough time to network – let alone stay organized. Everyone in the industry is searching for ways to ease some of the classic ‘broker pains’. Thankfully, technologies are being developed to help out where it’s needed.

We’ve compiled a list of our quintessential technologies that are streamlining CRE workflows, increasing productivity, and making jobs easier. Check out these 3 lifesaver tools to get rid of the broker-blues.

Portable Information

CRE brokers are constantly on the go. When taking care of business from various different locations, it’s imperative that you’re equipped with all your contacts, client info, and project data no matter where you area. Brokers need to be able to access their massive net of knowledge fluidly in order to respond to any situation, opportunity, and inquiry.

In this busy industry, it’s often ‘now or nothing’. Thanks to continuous updates to cloud technologies, brokers are able to sync up their band of devices and access any data point from anywhere the job takes them. With a larger storage capacity than ever before, an organized and updated cloud is something every broker needs.

Online Marketing

The digital age is upon us, and the effects have widespread results. The importance of plugging-in is dominating the CRE industry, and cultivating a strong online presence has become an imperative part of the job.

Today’s shoppers are scanning the web for their real estate needs, and those who want to get noticed need to make a statement. When you’re up against strong competition, it’s easy to end up getting ‘scrolled past’.

Social media provides an amazing platform to connect with a local or global audience. Whether you’re looking to attract buyers, sellers, or business affiliates, social media usage is an easy and convenient way to market and network simultaneously.

Twitter is especially conducive to the CRE business since it fosters a news-centric and frequent-posting feed, and Instagram works wonders for showcasing HD property photography. These platforms are helping brokers improve their marketing skills and reach a wider variety of interested parties.

Data Migration

Unity is the key to success, and that stands true for CRE brokers. When every task is accompanied by complex hoards of data, it’s easy to end up behind and disorganized. After being in the business for years, your data collection is bound to be an overwhelming collection of over 1,000 leases, client profiles, and various other documents.

This makes it all the more imperative to clean out your old software and ensure that all data is consolidated onto a single platform. In many cases, this means a massive data migration and complete system upgrade.

Fortunately, today’s technologies can turn this major project into an easy and smooth transfer. It’s a quick and painless process to revamp your data storage platform, and working with trusted professionals ensures the migration will be seamless.

Technology is helping soothe the troubles associated with working as a CRE broker. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can work with NTrust to redesign your workflow, click here.