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Favourit CRE influencers

Is your Twitter feeling a little dull? Are you looking for as much CRE knowledge and info you can get? It may be time to rev up your social media efforts and follow a few of these CRE influencers to give your timeline a quick refresh with new content.

Here are 6 of our favorite CRE influencers to follow on Twitter.

Michael Beckerman (@M_Beckerman)

Michael is the CEO of cretech.com and the founder of The News Funnel, so it is no surprise that he has a very active and insightful voice on social media. His blog covers everything from content marketing to real estate technology and is a great spot to find out more about specific real estate industry topics and events.

Jon Schultz (@JonSchultz_Onyx)

Jon is the co-founder of Onyx Equities and is a driven and passionate CRE blogger with a very active social media presence. His blog covers a wide range of topics from more technical things like AI and big data to retail and how to improve your leadership style. He regularly features guest blogs from thought leaders so you get to experience many different angles on one topic.

Duke Long (@DukeLong)

Duke long delivers his CRE content with a little attitude via podcasts and webinars that he shares on his Twitter feed. He talks with other industry leaders like Stephen King, the CEO of Rexmls.com and Richard Sarkis, the CEO of Reonomy. He offers entertaining intake on CRE industry events, hot-button issues, and other news.

Michael Bull (@BullRealty)

Michael Bull runs a successful independent CRE firm and is also the host of a nationally-syndicated CRE show. He offers great quality content covering all sorts of CRE topics, particularly focusing on actionable market and business intelligence. His Twitter feed is full of great insight and CRE knowledge.

Linda Day Harrison (@dayharrison)

Linda is the founder of theBrokerList, a collaborative community of CRE professionals and brokers. She is an expert at developing the types of productive business relationships that are vital to success in the commercial real estate industry. Harrison features #tBLTips, carefully curated and high-quality content for CRE professionals who want some quick advice on how to improve their performance.

Howard Kline (@CRERadio)

Howard has spent over 40 years in the industry as a broker and general counsel, but now dedicates his time to running CRE Radio & TV, a weekly show that helps listeners from all backgrounds to achieve a better understanding of the CRE industry and how it works. Howard has great relationships with many CRE influencers and often promotes them in his Twitter to give expanded insight into the CRE industry.