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It should be no shock that commercial real estate is one of the slowest industries when it comes to adopting new technology, but new and innovative products like REmaap are changing the CRE landscape and helping CRE professionals save time and effort with everything from basic lease abstraction to vendor contract updates.

Here are 6 ways REmaap is changing the CRE landscape for the better.

Streamline & Accelerate Lease Abstractions

REmaap is improving the lease abstraction process and the ongoing maintenance of lease data. With business validations, project communications, document management, workflow and import and export integration features REmaap makes sure that highly accurate data reaches all of your core systems and with the optional natural language processing and analytics, you can accelerate the project and save up to 40% on abstraction time.

Up to Date Budgeting & Forecasting Data

As a partner with MRI, Yardi, Oracle, Argus, and IBM, REmaap was created to assist in ensuring that budgeting and forecasting data is up to date and in-sync. With REmaap, data can be imported from many different systems and reviewed for consistency of the information between each system. You can choose the most accurate and up to date data and then synchronize between all systems.

Streamlined Lease Administration

Using REmaap, your lease administration team has the ability to pull a rich dataset from your core system, allowing them to complete a full range of lease administration activities in a streamlined and simple to use interface. You can also store and update information that is not typically housed in your core system, like Permitted Use, Co-Tenancy impacts, and others.

Automate LOIs

REmaap can also help to coordinate the Letter of Intent workflow through document management, approval tracking capabilities and workflow which will streamline the entire LOI process. This will also allow for prime data to be populated into the core system upon the execution of the LOI.

Better Evaluation of Deals

REmaap’s integration with Argus along with its ability to import data from any source system makes it a picture-perfect method for evaluating deals and enhancing and loading information after a transaction as closed. You can use REEmaap to validate rent rolls, review leases, and load data into DCF or AE files for modeling. You can then import data from the seller’s system, clean the data and load the accurate data into your system.

Wide Range of Different Analytics

Using the REmaap Analytics Module, you can create drill down graphic dashlets for a wide range of analytic measures from upcoming vacancies by leasing agent to lease administration productivity and Co-Tenancy impacts per property.

As a flexible, web-based platform, REmaap was created to help make anything and everything commercial real estate related a simple and efficient process. If you are ready to see how REmaap can transform your CRE career, try it free for 30 days and be sure to reach out with any questions. Still not sure? Read a few of our case studies to see how others gained from using REmaap.