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To protect our workforce while still providing services to our valued clients, NTrust is taking the steps listed below to assure ongoing business continuity. NTrust is requesting that all clients communicate their priorities to their NTrust contacts. This will help us plan workload and make sure we deliver the priority items. In addition we request all clients tell us which items can be lower priority so we can move them down the work queue. Please understand that there will undoubtedly be some drop in productivity as the coronavirus moves through India. We are working very hard to minimize the impacts for all our clients. 

Steps NTrust is taking in response to the coronavirus:

1. We will be implementing a Work From Home policy starting next week.

2. We have purchased a large quantity of mobile hotspots to support those employees who do not have internet connectivity in their homes.

3. We have tested these connections with a small group of employees and finalized the connection procedures that comply with our data security certification, ISO 27001. Only thin client terminals and VPN connections will be used.

4. We have created videos for employees to show them these procedures and are training them on these this week.

5. We have requested that all employees minimize outside trips and shelter in their homes.

6. We have instituted body temperature monitoring of all employees coming to our delivery centers, 4 times daily.

7. We are requesting the employees at home monitor their body temperature at least twice daily and report via a daily diary their findings.

8. By the end of next week only our infrastructure team will be reporting to our offices, and social distancing practices will be enforced.

Taken together we believe these steps will maximize our ability to be productive, and we will be measuring and reporting on our productivity in the coming weeks. 

As mentioned earlier, please contact your NTrust team members and tell them your highest and lowest priority items so we can plan accordingly, and you can set expectations with your clients. 

We appreciate your business and we are working hard to achieve a high level of business continuity. 

Best Regards,

Sri Ramachandran

CEO – NTrust