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Yardi 7s with REmaap

Are you looking to completely reinvigorated your workflow by cleaning up that outdated and disorganized data collection? With the help of NTrust, you can. NTrust is helping companies across the board improve productivity without all the stress, time, and effort. Let’s look at the example of our recent case study highlighting how REmaap can redesign your data software,

By using REmaap, a large-scale institutional investor was liberated from their data struggles. REmaap made it possible to easily consolidate their Yardi systems and upgrade their software to the latest version. This is a massive improvement!

Focusing on commercial, retail, and multifamily assets, this investor was carrying out all their business while operating on two older Yardi databases. This was a major hindrance to their business module, so they decided it was time for a big change. Seeking to migrate and consolidate all their data, they chose to work with NTrust – the industry’s premier resource for cleaning up data.

The Initial Problem

With a rich portfolio of over 100 different properties, this client was using two different self-hosted Yardi 4.6 systems. Due to the separation of data, they ended up with two different Charts of Accounts to manage this complex web of assets.

The client was striving to consolidate these two Yardi systems into a unified, hosted, and upgraded software – the new Yardi 7s. On top of this, the client wanted to migrate all their history of GL transactions, and completely re-abstract their existing lease data. Another project goal was to implement Yardi’s Expense Recovery feature and replace the Avid Xchange software with Yardi PayScan.

This full-scale project was a colossal job, and the client chose to work with NTrust due to our proficiency working with Yardi and our vast experience in data migration.

NTrust’s Creative Solution

After years of helping our clients reach new levels of data productivity, we’ve developed a unique system to streamline the entire process. NTrust’s Engineering Approach is a step-by-step guide that is continually being developed and improved, consisting of a complex set of processes that deliver high levels of quality and consistency.

With each client, we:

  • Create a Scope Document for each project
  • Break down the work to manageable components
  • Leverage technology to improve quality and productivity
  • Measure constantly and provide actionable metrics
  • Structure data for easy integration

By following our Engineering Approach, we’re able to develop a unique service for each client while ensuring a constant standard of high-quality results. We’re able to support specific business processes that clients have created to stand out amongst competitors, so we can seamlessly perform any service.  

The Process

REmaap was utilized to create a single Chart of Accounts, transfer and validate nearly 15 years of GL histories for over 300 clients, and migrate over data from over 1,000 leases from their portfolio.

Once the data was audited, abstracted, and validated; the information was uploaded to their sleek new Yardi 7s environment.

A Job Well Done

NTrust was able to successfully complete this project in a mere 120 days, and for a fraction of competitor’s costs. If you’re interested in learning more about any of NTrust’s services or how you can leverage REmaap, click here.