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6 REmaap features in 2019

Professionals in the busy industry of CRE are no strangers to working with mass amounts of data. It’s no secret that each and every project substantiates a massive load of digital information – which only intensifies when working with multiple clients simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a better way to do business, REmaap is the perfect solution for you. This state of the art software is at the forefront in reimagining the way CRE professionals navigate through their vast repository of information. This digital platform is flexible and user-friendly, focused on easy data migration between systems.

Streamline this year’s workflow with these 6 cutting-edge REmaap features.

Analytics Module

One of REmaap’s newly released features, this module is totally reinventing the flow of real estate analytics. The analytics module provides access to all the live data from your various repositories and enables users to create a uniquely-defined dashboard.

With unlimited organizational options, each dashlet can be configured into the ideal visual graph style. By simply clicking on any data point, users can access the data’s core and explore all relevant information connected to that dashlet.

Data Validation Engine

Checking over data is never tedious with REmaap. This feature runs checks through monetary amounts and date sequences while ensuring users that only the most accurate information is delivered with the completion of a project.

Powerful Configurable Workflow

Projects embody a whole new level of organization with REmaap’s intelligent configurable workflow. This intuitive tool allows users to set up projects and assign tasks to team members, creating a functional and practical workspace. The associated dashboard gives users a breakdown of tasks associated with a project and highlights any aspect that is lagging behind.

Document Repository

One of the most vital features offered by REmaap is its extensive document repository. Users don’t have to worry about the lengthy process of manually moving documents from place to place.

At a project’s apex, all documents are uploaded to the corresponding workflow in one-shot for easy organization. These documents can be reviewed, bookmarked, and finally exported upon completion.

Natural Language Processing

Our recent studies show that having the right NLP can achieve a 30% to 40% reduction in abstraction time for clients. This feature works wonders on simplifying the abstraction process.

REmaap’s NLP feature automatically takes care of a variety of important tasks, such as tagging dates, monetary amounts, clauses of an abstraction template, and bookmarking all lease documents for future reference.

Customizable Platform

We all have our own methods for carrying out business, and REmaap users are able to choose their favorite layout style. It’s easy to create unique templates to use again and again, so all work is created in a uniform and ideal format.

For a more basic document structure, REmaap is loaded with tons of templates that can be applied to any project. Whether it’s a CRE lease, letter of intent, or a due diligence document – REmaap is ready to help.

This year, don’t get stuck in the endless web of data. Try REmaap free for thirty days and see how it transforms your workflow, helping you to get more done in less time.