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REmaap mobile App

Adding to its flexible and full featured Commercial Real Estate data platform, REmaapᴬᴵ, NTrust announces release of the REmaapᴬᴵ mobile application. REmaapᴬᴵ is an artificial intelligence driven lease abstraction platform that is easy to use and can hold more data than a property management system. It also reduces lease abstraction time by 40% and improves the quality and consistency of abstract data.

REmaapᴬᴵ Mobile has a user configurable Dashboard driven by REmaap Analytics. The Dashboard allows the user to see items you need to address at glance, and provides the convenience of drilling down to view lease summaries, and even download the actual lease abstract for review.

With REmaapᴬᴵ Mobile, a user can view the status of any lease abstraction project, and synchronize REmaapᴬᴵ with the user’s MRI, Yardi, or JD Edwards systems.

REmaapᴬᴵ is used by 5 of the top 10 Retail REITs for abstraction and for granular reporting on such items as Co-tenancy impacts, Restricted Use, Estoppel processing and status, and a variety of other reports that are difficult to generate out of the user’s property management system.

REmaapᴬᴵ mobile also includes Maya, a virtual voice command assistant that allows the user to navigate to leases and review specific lease terms, such as conditional rent commencement dates, options…virtually any lease data that has been abstracted. When a new document has been uploaded to REmaapᴬᴵ the artificial intelligence automatically reviews all documents in the zip file for completeness and alerts users to any missing files and letters, including commencement letters.

With the release of REmaapᴬᴵ Mobile, you can now manage the flow of data to your property management system through any iOS or Android device, and quickly view the status of multiple abstraction projects. The mobile app is best supported on the devices with iOS 11 or above and Android 7.0 or above.

To contact NTrust for a demo, user may send an email request to info@ntrustinfotech.com, or call 562-207-1610.

About NTrust Infotech

NTrust is the global industry leader specializing in delivery of technology-enabled services for the CRE industry. Established in 2003 by CRE industry specialists, NTrust has over 900 employees worldwide and has completed over 950,000 Leases abstracts from 40 languages and 106 countries. Our clients include global REITs, owner/developers, service providers, and occupiers.

NTrust has been highly successful in leveraging innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specialized BOTs to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions. NTrust offers two powerful software platforms that streamline processes and maximizing operating efficiencies. REmaapᴬᴵ provides unparalleled document abstraction, workflow, and analytics to enhance the efficiency of the user’s back office.

For more information on NTrust, go to NTrustinfotech.com