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NTrust Lease abstraction services

NTrust Lease Abstraction Services

An abstraction technology leader, NTrust’s REmaapᴬᴵ platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to speed the abstraction process while delivering high quality and granular data

Lease Administrative Services

NTrust Lease Administration Services

Finding a Co-sourcing vendor for your lease administration team can help solve all these problems and provide a foundation that will also help your property managers, legal and leasing teams.

NTrust Due Diligence Services

NTrust Due Diligence Services

The commercial real estate due diligence process demands experience and expertise, which not all CRE companies have in-house.

Finance & Accounting Services

NTrust Finance & Accounting Services

NTrust provides full End-to-End Property Accounting services to Landlords, Property Managers, Owner/Developers, REITs, and Asset Managers.

NTrust CRE Consulting Services

NTrust CRE Consulting Services

Selecting a CRE Consulting partner Implementing or reconfiguring your property management or ERP system can be costly and time consuming.

Lease Administration Services

Lease Administration Services Offering for Global Occupiers

NTrust is the undisputed leader in international lease abstraction. Whether you are a large tenant OR a Real Estate Services provider, NTrust can create a custom package of services and platforms to meet your needs.

NTrusts block chain services

NTrusts Blockchain Services and Technology

Blockchain is a new technology that is just starting to be adopted and beginning to mature. In the commercial real estate space,

REmaap Analytics

NTrust Analyticsᵀᴹ Brochure

REmaap AnalyticsTM is so easy to use that you can create meaningful reports on the fly. This means you’ll spend a lot less time trying to learn how to create a report, and a lot more time understanding what’s happening with your portfolio.

REmaap Dashboard

NTrust REmaapᴬᴵ Brochure

REmaapAI is a flexible platform for gathering Commercial Real Estate transaction information, doing lease review, and completing transactions—all in record time.

REAP description

NTrust REAP+ Brochure

REAP+ is the most affordable and most comprehensive corporate Lease Administration platform available. REAP+ offers features and functionality well beyond any competitors on the market today – at a cost per lease that is competitive with packages that are far less capable.

Yardi expense recovery

NTrust Yardi Expense Recovery Capabilities

NTrust provides a package of services for implementing Yardi’s Expense Recovery module. When it is properly implemented, the ER module will save you a significant amount of time and cost, and assures the accuracy and speed of your expense recovery process.

NTrust services

NTrust Consulting Services

NTrust is not your typical consulting firm. We deliver results...not just billable hours. We work collaboratively with your team to determine what can be accomplished and how it can be accomplished the most efficiently