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Speed and scalability

End-to-end, cost-effective implementation services

How we deliver for you

NTrust provides the most cost-effective system implementation services available. We do this by leveraging our Global Delivery Centers, and partnering with all major CRE systems providers including: MRI, JD Edwards, Yardi, Argus, Nexus Systems and Versapay.

One of the main problems in working on implementations is “depth of bench”. With NTrust that does not have to be a worry. NTrust maintains a division of more than 80 developers, analysts, and project managers.

Our teams have deep experience in system implementation, data migration, report development and integration between system.

REmaapAI, our data abstraction and migration platform, speeds the implementation process, and is used by many of our clients to synchronize data between their leasing, accounting, budgeting and forecasting systems.

NTrust’s CRE consulting services include



  • Discovery & System Identification
  • Proof of Concept & System selection
  • Module Implementation
  • System Customization



  • Data Validation
  • Data Clean-up
  • GL Mapping
  • Migration of multi-year transaction data
  • Validation on migrated Data



  • Reports configuration
  • Custom Report development
  • AR/AP system integration
  • Third party system integration


  • Multi level help desk support
  • BCP support
  • Version upgrade support
  • Data recovery services
  • System performance fine tuning


High quality and affordable implementations
A “no surprises” implementation process
Innovative approaches to data synchronization and integration across all platforms
NTrust’s attention to migrating clean AND complete data

CRE Consulting Services

NTrust has developed a full range of commercial real estate consulting services to assist owner/ developers, REITs, Shopping Center Owners, and other landlords with system implementation, configuration and integration.

Selecting a CRE Consulting partner

Implementing or reconfiguring your property management or ERP system can be costly and time consuming. Unless you choose the right implementation partner.

When identifying such a partner you should look for:

  •     A deep Technical Bench
  •     Experience with a range of integrations
  •     Experience with data migration and data clean-up
  •     Domain Expertise in Real Estate

Each of these attributes can be leveraged to speed up implementation and configuration projects and to assure the accuracy of data in your system.With NTrust you get all of these and more.

NTrust CRE Consulting service

NTrust provides end to end, cost-effective CRE Consulting services for the implementation of all the major property management, accounting and financial modeling systems. We have delivered 40% savings with multiple clients over compared to software companies’ professional services teams.

The reason NTrust can deliver these savings is simple. Through our years of experience, we have developed multiple proprietary toolkits that speed-up the more time-consuming implementation and configuration tasks.

And NTrust delivers the highest quality results by leveraging technology like our REmaapAI platform to assure only highly accurate data is loaded into your system.


NTrust Implementation Services begin with a deep-dive discovery process to assure we have uncovered the requirements of all users. This can be pre or post platform selection, as NTrust is technology agnostic and partners with all the major property management / ERP platform providers.


Being partners with Argus, Avidxchange, Nexus, Versapay, and VTS has made NTrust expert at performing a range of integrations between platforms. Whether it is making use of available or developable APIs, using ETL files and automation, or using BOTS (RPAs), NTrust has performed the full range of integrations to support a full range of our client’s business processes.

Data Migration

NTrust provides both lease abstraction services, should you not trust the data in your existing system, or data migration and enhancement services. Having abstracted over 1 million leases in 40 languages from 106 countries means we are the lease abstract experts.

In addition, NTrust has its own Lease Data Abstraction and migration platform, REmaapAI. This platform leverages Artificial Intelligence, Workflows, Business Rules, and import and export APIs to assure data is visible, accurate and flows smoothly into your system.


NTrust has a large team of report development experts that can quickly help you with report data and design specifications to assure that the report you order is one which your team will like and leverage into good decision making. While knowing the reporting capabilities of MRI, Yardi, and JDE very well, we are also experienced with Tableau, PowerBI, and other analytics packages…and our REmaapAI platform has an analytics package and can be used as your company’s data warehouse.

System Module
Configuration / Implementation

One of the most important aspects of your property management system are modules that automate processes, like tenant portals, and those that assist in decision-making, like Budgeting and Forecasting modules.

NTrust is expert in both implementing and integrating all modules from MRI, JDE, and Yardi. In addition, we have integrated Argus with both MRI and Yardi in support of Budgeting & Forecasting for several large REITs.

If you are evaluating or deciding to implement any modules, talk to NTrust about the most cost-effective way of adding time and cost saving modules to your system.

Project Management

NTrust's Project Management Approach works hand in hand with our Engineering Approach. It assures that the processes defined by the Engineering Approach are adhered to or improved during the project. NTrust's project managers are all fully trained in both approaches to assure that we can successfully execute projects and services delivering the highest quality and consistency.

NTrust uses the following five principals as guides for each project we undertake:

Flexibility - NTrust knows that not all companies work alike. So NTrust builds workflows specific to each project and each client

Transparency - NTrust makes use of the REmaapAI Platform to provide our client's with visibility into the project's progress

Accuracy & Consistency - NTrust leverages tools and centralized scope management to keep all team member's up to date and all deliverables at the highest quality.

Timeliness - NTrust takes delivery commitments seriously. When we commit a date to you we won't miss it or we'll give you ample warning of any project impediments

Efficiency - In order to control costs and expedite projects, we will make suggestions to our clients that will streamline steps in the process and lead to better results.

Training Services

NTrust’s training services will have your team up and running quickly on your new or newly configured system.

We start by performing all training on the system, not a generic version of your system. We create training material module by module to make it easily accessible. We create use cases based on your business processes, to assure your team can effectively use your system.

During the training we demonstrate each use case and then have each participant complete the similar exercise, while answering individual questions to assure the training sticks.

Finally, after training, NTrust can provide Email Help Desk support should one of your team need help with a specific type of transaction.

NTrust Training Services delivers top-level training to your team.