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Data you can trust

Lease administrative services use the latest technologies to provide accuracy, consistency and quality.

How we deliver for you

Our lease administration services utilize technologies that streamline processes and minimize errors. Our teams are trained to work on multiple systems: MRI, JDE, Yardi, Kardin, SAP, Tririga, Lucernex, Costar, VisualLease and others. And NTrust offers these services on an “à la carte” basis, so you can choose exactly how you’d like to engage us.

NTrust currently manages over 72,000 leases across retail, office, industrial, distribution, and multifamily asset categories. We leverage REmaapAI to provide full visibility into project status 24/7.

Our “Engineering Approach” deliveries scalability while maintaining consistency. You can be confident giving us even your largest portfolios.

Services for Each Phase of Lease Administration


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  • Due Diligence Abstraction
  • Argus/IRR Modelling
  • Revenue / Recovery Validation


  • Lease Abstraction
  • Data Migration
  • Data Clean-Up
  • Property Set-Up



Data maintanence
  • Ongoing Abstraction
  • Move In/Out Management
  • Executive Reporting



Expense recovery
  • CAM, INS, Tax Reconciliation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Desktop audit


Confidence in the consistency and accuracy of your data
Improved Reporting and Turnaround
Best practices tailored to your organization’s structure and culture
Faster turnaround on expense recoveries with robust tenant packages to reduce audits

NTrust Lease Administration Services

120,000 Leases Managed Internationally
Retail, Office, Industrial, Distribution, and Specialty
Flexible Engagement Models from small to full-services

REITs, Owner/ Developers, and landlords of all types run into many of the same problems with Lease Administration.

  • Finding and retaining the detail-oriented people need for lease administration.
  • When there is turnover, maintaining the consistency of abstract data for the property management system.
  • Managing capacity around quarterly and annual surges in work.
  • Having to take shortcuts like scaling back on what you abstract…which means everyone has to go back to the lease document instead of having the clause interpretation in your system.

Finding a Co-sourcing vendor for your lease administration team can help solve all these problems and provide a foundation that will also help your property managers, legal and leasing teams. Co-sourcing with NTrust means our dedicated team working with your team to streamline the lease administration process and handle variable work volumes.

How can Co-Sourcing help lease administration services?

Co-sourcing is a great way to extend and stabilize your Lease Administration team. NTrust will work with your team to deliver:

  • Detailed Lease Abstract data
  • Rapid Year End Reconciliations and Tenant Packages
  • Tenant Move in / Out including tenant analysis, reconciliations, and security deposit management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Synchronization of data between your system and Argus
  • Setting up the data for year-end Budgeting & Forecasting activities

NTrust Lease Administrators are experienced problem-solvers and will help your team to perform at 100% of their capacity, streamline processes, and deliver beyond your expectations.

NTrust Making Difference with Cutting-edge lease administration software and services

NTrust’s combination of talented people and award-winning technology delivers a range of benefits to our clients.

Consistency . Because we document all requirements in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each client and train additional team members who fill in for vacations or sick days, you get absolutely consistent work product. Using REmaapAI as both our abstraction platform as well as a workflow tool provides a consistent communications platform across all lease administration activities.

Efficiency . Using REmaapAI, NTrust can abstract a lease and house it until the commencement date is known and then immediately push it into your property management system. No more rushed abstractions with minimal data going to your system.

Visibility . From our weekly status meetings to our use of REmaapAI for logging all communications between team members, NTrust provides 3600 visibility into all our activities. And the detailed status reports provide management with full details so they can easily prioritize activities.

Confidence . NTrust’s people deliver on time, every time. This inspires confidence and is illustrated by our year-end reconciliation process. From the original calculations, to assembling the tenant packets, all the way through mailing and dispute resolution, NTrust can shorten your recovery timeline by 30%.

NTrust’s Service Offerings

Because of our focus on being a process-driven company, NTrust can offer services that range from lease data maintenance or rent roll processing all the way to full-service lease administration. We have no problem starting small and growing our services as our partnership with you evolves.

NTrust offers a free evaluation of any of your company’s processes, and recommends how NTrust can help streamline them and make your company more cost efficient.

NTrust’s Co-Sourcing Approach

Scope Definition

NTrust’s project manager will work with your team to define each lease administration process’ workflow and the division of responsibilities between the teams. This will result in the development of a responsibility matrix so there is clear accountability for all team members.

Ongoing Co-sourcing Management

After defining scope and each team member’s responsibilities, NTrust employs weekly status meetings, regular calls to discuss exception handling, executive and operational dashboards on SLA performance, and monthly reviews as the key tools in managing the co-sourcing process. This approach assures a positive teamwork environment develops, with the goal that both teams view one another as partners.

Benefits of Co-sourcing with NTrust

For any of your lease administration processes, NTrust goes the extra mile to deliver end-to-end services.

For example, with CAM Recoveries we perform every task from:

  • Configuring your system’s recovery set-up and expense pools
  • To all calculations and exception handling
  • To tenant packet generation and mailing
  • To dispute resolution and making any final adjustments.

We do this in a very tight timeframe, typically within 2 months. This speeds recoveries and significantly improves cash flow.

With our Tax process we determine which localities will provide discounts for early payment and set up the payment calendar to assure you get the lowest possible tax bill for each property. This approach saves clients tens of thousands of dollars each year.

NTrust Engagement Models
FTE Model:

In this approach the client commits to a fixed number of hours per month to support all activities defined and requested. This can include ad hoc reporting and other one-off activities. The advantage to the client is the availability of back office resources that can be assigned tasks on an as needed basis.

Á la Carte Model:

NTrust’s á la Carte pricing allows our clients to select any of a range of back office services and pay a flat amount per unit (lease, amendment, letter, invoice, etc.). This approach allows the client to flex the volume to NTrust based on the demands of the business.

Either model provides you with flexibility and access to the resources you need when you need them.