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Real estate management 5 steps

5 Steps to Efficient Real Estate Management

In today’s sophisticated commercial real estate market, accurate lease data is critical in assuring you are maximizing your revenue potential and managing your assets as efficiently as possible. This Knowledge Series article from NTrust provides 5 steps we have found to significantly improve the accuracy and quality of lease data across departments from Leasing to Lease Administration,Property and Asset Management, to Acquisition and Disposition.

What is AI?

What is AI - REmaapᴬᴵ Approach

As Vendors race to bring Artificial Intelligence technologies to market, it is important to know what AI can and cannot do. AI is being marketed to businesses and consumers in a variety of forms. This article will help you understand the different types of A.I. and what it is that makes an AI model useful and therefore successful in the market. In Commercial Real Estate, AI in the form of Natural Language Processing is being deployed to increase the Quality of Lease Abstracts.

Desktop Audit

Desktop Audit

NTrust is one of the leading Lease Abstraction service providers internationally. During the initial phase of any Desktop Audit, NTrust will review all your lease documents and amendments to identify specific inclusions and exclusions that can be billed to you as operating expenses by the Landlord.