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On Time and accurate

Property accounting globally on any platform

How we deliver for you

NTrust’s finance and accounting practice serves clients globally. We provide transformational value to our clients through technology, process improvement, automation, re-engineering and benchmarking, while providing the flexibility of variable pricing models.

NTrust’s qualified accountants are experienced professionals trained on a range of accounting systems including Yardi, MRI, JDE,Oracle Financials, SAP.

As with our Lease Administration services, you can choose NTrust to provide full-service finance and accounting or use an à- la carte approach to supplement your existing accounting team.

Services Provided



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  • Invoice Coding Approval Workflow
  • Invoice Processing
  • Vendor Set-Up
  • Payment Processing



  • Invoice Preparation
  • Receipt Posting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Late Fee/Delinquency Posting
  • Monthly Processing



Monthly reports
  • Month End Closing
  • Financial Report Package Preparation
  • Property, Portfolio & Fund Accounting
  • Variance Reporting
  • Waterfall/Promote Reporting
  • Joint Venture Reporting



Yearend reports
  • Year End Audit Assistant
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Assistance
  • 1099/1098 Processing


Accurate and timely reporting on all portfolios
Flexible service and fee structure to fit your business mode
Consistently maintained lease,revenue and expense data
Robust SLAs for ongoing lease data maintenance
Daily cash reporting across accounts

Finance & Lease Accounting Services

NTrust has developed a full range of commercial real estate finance and lease accounting services for landlords of all types and sizes. We support 100+ processes, have a team of 200+ lease accountants, and provide services across 12 ERP platforms.

Maximize the Benefits of working with an outsourced Finance & Lease Accounting partner

To get the most out of your Finance & Lease Accounting partner, you need to find a partner with these attributes:

  •     Proven Track Record
  •     Experienced People
  •     Rigorous Processes
  •     Certifications that meet all your audit requirements

NTrust delivers all these and much more, and has for over 17 years.

What do you get when you team up with NTrust lease accounting solutions?

Quality. From NTrust’s daily cash reports to month end journal entries, you can depend upon NTrust to deliver accurate and consistent accounting data. The integrity, objectivity, and independence of our accounting team and our certifications assure you the highest quality accounting deliverables.

Experience. With over 100 accountants and 20 Chartered Accountants, you get a team with a deep bench. Our average years of experience in the accounting group is over 8 years specifically in the CRE space.

Scalability. Because of our large team size of 900+ employees, NTrust can easily scale to meet your needs when specific projects and activities just require more helping hands. This can include everything from year end recovery work to emergency rent deferrals.

Confidence. NTrust professionals inspire confidence. Their focus on timely, accurate and consistent accounting deliverables, and their commitment to SLAs along with providing monthly error reporting analyses, gives our client’s confidence in the quality of our deliverables alike.

End-to-End Services. With NTrust you don’t get just part of the work done, you get it all done. In AR we perform cash application and deliver a complete tenant analysis so there is no unapplied cash. With General Ledger work we don’t just close the books, we deliver a Month over Month Trial Balance variance analysis.

Around the Clock Services. Our local Project Managers work with you to tee-up the work for the team of accountants who will during your night so our deliverables are there when you arrive in the morning.

NTrust’s Transition Approach
In order to assure a successful transition of activities, NTrust employs a rigorous set of process which include the following stages.

Pre-Engagement Analysis
During this transition step we work with your team to identify and prioritize what to outsource, develop a responsibility matrix for transition and ongoing processing, design a workflow and client review process, and timeline for all deliverables to be generated.

Process Migration
After defining the outsourcing roadmap, NTrust goes to work developing detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each process along with a detailed process map. As the team leads develop the SOPs, the Accounting Project Manager will be developing a detailed transition plan to include SLA baselining, and the project Communication Plan.

Ongoing Engagement Management
At this point we will be implementing and, as required, modifying the engagement Governance Structure. SOPs will be approved and in place, and the Change Management process agreed to. Finally, NTrust will begin making recommendations for process improvements and the implementation of automation through the use of AI tools and BOTS (RPAs).

Project Communication
During the course of the transition, project communications are essential to assure all parties are aware the status of all activities and their roles in the transition’s success. NTrust’s project managers work during your business hours, which allows them to actively communicate, clarifying next steps, answering questions, and keeping everyone up to date on statuses.
Using REmaapAI as our workflow platform provides all team members with a clear set of tasks, and provides our clients with unparalleled visibility into the status of all activities. REmaapAI also provides a single source for all communications between our clients and their lease administration team.

Engagement Communications
After the transition is complete, NTrust provides monthly SLA reporting on delivery and quality; and our project managers perform quarterly account reviews with senior management. All these communications are built to assure that you have excellent visibility into all we do.

Finance & Accounting Services
NTrust provides full End-to-End Property Accounting services to Landlords, Property Managers, Owner/Developers, REITs, and Asset Managers. The services can be contracted on an a la carte, per unit, or FTE basis.